Chytriomyces rotoruaensis


Figs. 151-156.  Chytriomyces rotoruaensis Karling (Karling, 1970).

Fig. 151.  Fully grown sporangium with large primary nucleus, and vacuoles at the base and apex.

Fig. 152.  Maturing, oblong sporangium.

Fig. 153.  Discharge vesicle elongate, narrow and cylindrical in the exit orifice end enveloping a group of zoospores in center of zoosporangium.

Fig. 154.  Ovoid, 2.8-3.2 × 3-3.6 µm zoospores with small hyaline refractive globule.

Fig. 155. Mature resting spore.

Fig. 156. Germination of resting spore.


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