Chytriomyces parasiticus


Figs. 145-150.  Chytriomyces parasiticus Karling (Karling, 1947).

Fig. 145.  Apophysate young thallus, parasitic on mycelium of Aphanomyces laevis.

Fig. 146.  Developing sporangium with large primary nucleus.

Fig. 147.  Non-apophysate, maturing sporangium.

Fig. 148.  Zoospores emerging in an exogenous discharge vesicle.

Fig. 149.  Zoospores swarming in exogenous vesicle and escaping after rupture of vesicle.

Fig. 150.  Ovoid, 2.5-3 µm diam. zoospores with a minute, hyaline refractive globule.


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