Chytriomyces laevis


Figs. 131-136.  Chytriomyces laevis Karling (Karling, 1987).

Fig. 131.  Slightly stalked sporangium and apophysis, causing hypertrophy of Pythium mycelium.

Fig. 132.  Sporangial dehiscence, with operculum being pushed up by mass of zoospores.

Fig. 133.  Release of zoospores, with operculum remaining attached to edge of sporangium.

Fig. 134.  Empty sporangium with detached, wrinkled operculum.

Fig. 135.  Spherical resting spore with large central globule surrounded by smaller ones.

Fig. 136.  Spherical, 2.5-3 µm diam. zoospores with conspicuous hyaline refractive globule.


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