Chytriomyces macro-operculatus


Figs. 120-124.  Chytriomyces macro-operculatus Karling (Karling, 1981).

Fig. 120.  Immature multioperculate sporangium.

Fig. 121.  Emergence of zoospores surrounded by an exogenous vesicle.

Fig. 122.  Spherical, 4-5.5 µm diam. zoospores with grayish granular content and a minute refractive globule.

Fig. 123.  Empty multioperculate sporangium.

Fig. 124.  Resting spore with smooth reddish-brown wall and coarsely granular content.

Fig. 125.  Chytriomyces macro-operculatus v. hirsutus Karling (Karling, 1981). Sporangium, covered by a weft of hairs, with two rhizoidal axes arising at the base.       


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