Chytriomyces confervae


Figs. 89-95.  Chytriomyces confervae (Wille) Batko, 1975. Figs 89-91 after Canter, 1962; figs. 92-95 drawn from living material by Letcher.

Fig. 89.  Encysted zoospore and germling.

Fig. 90.  Immature sporangium and halves of the split zoospore cyst.

Fig. 91.  Immature sporangium with vacuoles and two horns.

Fig. 92.  Mature sporangium with hyaline matrix below operculum.

Fig. 93.  Zoospores in an exogenous discharge vesicle.

Fig. 94.  Spherical to subspherical, hyaline resting spores, both epibiotic and endobiotic.

Fig. 95.  Spherical, 5 µm diam. zoospores with eccentric hyaline refractive globule.


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